Avoid burnout and depression while studying

Every student knows the problem and the prejudices of society: “Why are you so exhausted? You’re just studying ?! “This cliché comes from the rather casual student days of older siblings or acquaintances. But meanwhile, exactly the opposite is the case.

The demands on studying have changed a lot. In today’s world, the pressure to perform in professional life with colleagues and during studies has increased enormously. The standard period of study is now shorter and the timetables and seminars are also very tight. There is little time left for recreation and recreation.

Thus, it is not surprising that many young people collapse under the constant pressure of performance and loss of control. Of course, not every exhaustion is part of a burnout. Nonetheless, the illness and the first warning signals should be taken seriously by the body.

A burnout usually begins very slowly. In the beginning, a simple sense of exhaustion and a diminishing interest in the social environment often arise.

After this preliminary stage, you may experience a generally bad condition, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, mood swings, emotional restlessness, negative thoughts or the neglect of one’s own needs. The more an affected person withdraws and tries to cope with the constant tiredness, the worse the symptoms become and the possibility of depression.

Causes of burnout

Burnout is often equated only with managers and the stress of high leadership positions. This is not true. In the meantime, the pressure to perform is pushing many young people and students to their limits.

After all, studying today requires a high degree of personal responsibility, discipline and attention. A burnout does not happen overnight, but due to the permanent and long-term pressure of far too high expectations.

This expectation can come from one self and another from the environment. Whether too ambitious or never-ending perfectionism. – No matter for what reason the drive for the excessive self-loading also comes.

This behavior is more than just harmful in the long run. In the worst case, exhaustion and anxiety, burnout and depression can become chronic. Many sufferers try for this reason to drown their hopelessness and listlessness in alcohol. And this is exactly the wrong way. Anyone who hears early on the first warning signals of his body, who can get specific help and contact.

Detect first warning signals early

Of course exhaustion is not always a sign of burnout. Nevertheless, the body strongly indicates in this way that it needs rest, rest and sleep. This request should, even if you have no burnout, in any case.

People who suffer from a burnout notice after a while that they are not as powerful and full of joy as they were at the beginning of their studies or a new job.

Due to the feeling of being overstrained, it is difficult for students to write homework or prepare for an exam. Even a meeting with friends or family is perceived as exhausting and overwhelming.

These can be the first warning signs of a burnout or a mental disorder. If you want to have an extensive assessment and endangerment, you can do a test at the health insurance DAK and find the first contact person.

What helps with a burnout?

Not always do the first fatigue symptoms lead students to a psychologist. Often it helps to go down a corridor, to enjoy peace and quiet and to do only those things that are good for you. Often a visit to the psychological counseling service can help the college or university to plan further steps and get support. Vacation semesters can also be requested in this way. Nonetheless, a psychologist should be brought to the side if the symptoms and the general situation do not get better. Only psychotherapy can really help to get a better handle on the symptoms and the disease.

Use appropriate prevention measures

Not only if a burnout should already exist, there are many methods for coping. Also for the prevention there are some criteria and tips to stop the course of the disease:

Checking the timetable: Are there enough times for a reworking of seminars and lectures and also for breaks? Breaks and rest periods: The after-work hours should not only be used for a permanent learning and preparation but also for relaxing visits to the sea, or for relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation.

Course selection: If you can choose the courses and areas yourself, you should choose topics that interest you. It does not always have to be international courses and topics that can get you started later on or write my essay for me . It is important to get more fun and motivation while learning.

Intervene early: If a deadline for a term paper can not be met, you should talk in good time with the responsible professor and ask for a deadline extension. Only those who dare to address things can achieve something.

Conducting conversations: Especially a regular exchange with friends and family can help to create the inner balance of the soul. Those who talk about their problems, conflicts, irritations, frustrations or ways of looking at things feel liberated and can move forward with new energy. If one does not dare to talk with his sweetheart about their own problems, then a telephone conversation with the telephone counseling can help.

Time for hobbies: Not only breaks, work and learning are important but also times for hobbies and things that are fun. So if you like painting, reading or fishing, you should plan these activities as well as relaxation or study times.

Nutrition: Having a healthy diet and keeping a proper household is important to feeling happy and balanced. Because in a bad and untidy environment it does not learn well after all. Those who also pay attention to a balanced diet and their need for vitamins, receives more energy and better performance for upcoming tasks.

Treat yourself with rewards: rewards are also very important. The human brain works best with praise and affirmation. If you regularly reward yourself with something you like, you will be able to concentrate on one thing in the long term.